• Two classic games – these two well-known card games both come from the renowned makers of UNO. They are timeless family favorites that will be sure to excite everyone. With easy to follow rules, anyone can enjoy these card games!
  • Skip-bo card game – the objective of skip-bo is simple: be the first player to play every card in your stockpile by playing them in numerical order, 1 to 12. Be the first to reach 500 points to win!
  • Phase 10 – the makers of UNO have come up with phase 10, a rummy-type card game with a challenging twist! In order to win, simply be the first player to complete 10 Phase sequences. The twist: each phase is specific for each dealt hand.
  • Instructions included – each pack of card games comes with instructions sheet and scoring rulebook.
  • Specifications – each for ages 7 and up. Accommodates 2-7 players.