Send curious minds around the world with Daisy doll and a travel-themed set inspired by Barbie™ Dreamhouse Adventures that comes with a kitten for a travel companion, working luggage, guitar and 9 cool accessories

​Daisy doll’s purple and silvery suitcase has a collapsible handle and opens and closes for packing and unpacking fun  decorate it with the included sheet of stickers (like musical notes).

​ Her acoustic guitar hits all the right notes with cool, colorful decals and a pink strap.

​Iconic travel items included in the set are decorated with bright colors and fun decals – there’s a neck pillow, water bottle, toothbrush, toothpaste, headphones, camera and cell phone.

​Daisy doll is ready to visit places near and far wearing a purple top, denim pants and trendy shoes to match  a pair of pink sunglasses looks extra fabulous with her long pink hair.