• UNO FLIP TAKES THE IDEA OF UNO and flips it on its head with a double-sided deck. The cards have a light side and a new dark side, which makes the challenge twice as hard
  • DISCOVER THE DARK SIDE OF UNO – as soon as gameplay flips to the dark side, tougher challenges come into effect, including Draw Five and Skip Everyone cards
  • SET INCLUDES 112 CARDS in a doubled-sided light and dark deck. Suitable for players ages 7+
  • GIVES THE CLASSIC GAME A COMPETITIVE EDGE. A new style of gameplay makes the original game all the more challenging, even for the most seasoned UNO player
  • FUN GIFT FOR AGES 7 AND UP. This challenging and rewarding game is perfect for play with family and friends. Easy-to-carry it can be played virtually anywhere