• MusicSkins ️ COMPONENTS: 1 game board, animal game figures and party accessories, fabric bag, game chips. Age: 2+ level: 2 years old child.
  • KICK COMPETITIES – Social and civic: respect turn, tolerance to frustration, understanding codes of conduct, empathy. LEARN TO LEARN: Listen to standards and control that they are applying well, perception of self-effectiveness.
  • HSTNN-‍ COGNITIVE ROOMS – Attention: hearing the partner and visual to the board. Reason:According to premises, deduct the correct response. Troubleshooting and creative thinking
  • Multi-intelligence – logic-mathematical : deduction according to premises | Space or visual: locate on the dashboard
  • ️ HOW TO PLAY – Today it’s Tom’s mouse birthday and his friends are preparing a surprise birthday party.
  • Place the various elements and guests at the party before Tom appears. If it comes earlier than time, quickly release a balloon so that it will entertain playing with it so you will have time to finish the surprise.