• MusicSkins COMPONENTS: 1 game board, 2 animal characters and 1 dice. Age: 2+ level: 2 years old child.
  • KICK COMPETITIES – Social and civic: respect turn, tolerance to frustration, understanding codes of conduct, empathy. LEARN TO LEARN: Listen to standards and control that they are applying well, perception of self-effectiveness.
  • HSTNN- COGNITIVE ROOMS – Attention: hearing the partner and visual to the board. Reason:According to premises, deduct the correct response. Troubleshooting and creative thinking
  • Multi-intelligence – logic-mathematical : deduction according to premises | Space or visual: locate on the dashboard
  • The set description – Hummm, which is rich in honey. Help bear take 5 jars of honey from the kitchen by harnessing that mummy bear has fallen asleep in her rocking chair. But be careful, because some noises can make mom bear wake up and catch us.