” used for babies between 3 months and 4 years (7 kg – 20 kg).
⦁ provides the opportunity to carry on the front, side and back.
⦁ very easy to use.
⦁The sitting position of the baby in the kangaroo (M) is the sitting position. This position provides ergonomic sitting support. It is the most correct position for the healthy development of the baby’s hip, pelvis and spine. This is the mode of transport recommended by doctors and the world hip health institute
It distributes the baby’s weight evenly between the shoulders, back and waist, and therefore does not cause pain.
⦁Support foam padding on the shoulder straps provides all-day comfort.
⦁Inner linings and Cap; soft fleece fabric or cotton fabric according to your preference.
⦁ supports your baby’s head while protecting it from sun, light and wind. It also provides privacy while breastfeeding your baby.
⦁It has been confirmed that it does not contain azo dyes in tests carried out in independent research laboratories.
⦁Made of high quality and durable material.
⦁Machine washable with a laundry net.”