• Joey grew up with your child! Together, they go to discover shapes, colors, numbers, motor skills and fabulous places !
  • This pony carrier adapts to your child , you can adjust Joey, my 5-in-1 trotti-magic carrier to baby’s development, thanks to the locking /unlocking systems of the parental cane , saddle and wheels.


5 ways to play:

  • Walker : From 12 months, to help your child learn to walk.
  • Walk with parental cane : To walk with baby in peace.
  • Carrier : From 24 months, your child will be able to move around with Joey.
  • Trotti-magic function : The child jumps on the walker so that it moves forward.
  • Interactive awakening board : To learn shapes, numbers and many other things!


  • Different manipulations : Press the buttons, turn the gears, the roller, and play with the pearl necklace to develop the motor skills of his fingers. Who is hiding behind the door? It’s Simeon, the hedgehog!
  • Discoveries in music : Discover shapes, colors and numbers in songs!
  • Destination and Pony buttons : To walk with Joey and invent incredible stories!

Included in this toy:

  • Joey the magic bearer.
  • Over 90 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases.
  • Automatic toy shut-off to preserve battery life
  • Sound volume adjustment.