• By clipping one of the 8 emoticon-feathers on the peacock, the child discovers shapes, numbers, emotions and colors while developing motor skills
  • 4 game modes:
    – Shape & color sorter: the child learns 4 colors and 4 shapes by matching the feathers to the colored shapes and pressing the 8 buttons.
    – Learning numbers: Rainbow the peacock counts the feathers.
    – Quiz: the peacock challenges the child by asking him to remove or attach the emoticons. The level of difficulty increases according to the child’s answers.
    – Emotional development: the 4 different emotions (happy, angry, sad, amazed) on the peacock feathers encourage the child to differentiate between
    each emotion and to express themselves
  • Very funny ! By pressing Rainbow’s beak, the child learns more about him and listens to him sing.
  • 3 songs and 8 melodies.
  • Automatic shutdown.