Once kids have gotten the hang of the wild action of GoGo TV Video Vision console (not included), they’re going to want to expand their horizons. And that means…Whac-A-Mole, of course! With the video camera trained on their every move, players actually appear on their TV screen. Standing well back from the screen, players use the wireless mallet to bop those pesky virtual moles whenever they pop up. Whack as many moles as possible while the music still plays, then advance to the next, faster, crazier level. Don’t be surprised if the moles move beyond the prairie to the city or even the moon! Sure, it’s a bit violent, but at least kids aren’t only exercising their fingers on a joystick—they will truly work up a sweat with GoGo TV video games. Parents will undoubtedly need to supervise the 5- to 8-feet back from the TV rule, at least at first, or there will be a lot of whacked TVs in living rooms! Two AAA batteries required (not included).