• 12 bowling bowls made from wooden pieces numbered from 1 to 12 AGE: +5 LEVEL: Primary.
  • KEY COMPETENCES: Social and civic: respect turn, tolerance to frustration, understand codes of conduct, empathy. Learning to learn: listening to norms and controlling that they are applying them well, perception of self-efficacy.
  • COGNITIVE SKILLS: Attention to the pieces. Reasoning: to aim at the pieces and not exceed 50 points. Manual skill: to aim and get right.
  • MULTIBLE INTELLIGENCES: Logical-mathematical – deduction according to premises. Spatial or visual: place the pieces well. Corporal-kinesthetics: coarse and fine psychomotor works.
  • HOW TO PLAY – Throw the stick and show your aim. If you are the first to score 50 points without going through, you will be the winner. The set is made of high quality wood and is recommended to play outside.