Pack your suitcase is a puzzle that will put your Neurons on the road to vacation. Take all the objects that appear on the card: hat, sunscreen, buoy … and put them in the suitcase, but be careful nothing can exceed and it is forbidden to sit on it to close it! Many challenges will allow you to improve your ability to pack on different levels.


  • Palm, swimsuit, sunscreen, beach ball … But how do you get it all in? It’s up to you to nest the objects as best as possible and stack them to achieve the correct closing of your suitcase.
  • Each player has the same number of items. Each challenge is represented by a “destination” card.
  • Once the card is turned over, it’s the race! Everyone freely manipulates their objects, the first who closes the suitcase has won!
  • You can also train solo to become a champion for going on vacation!
  • Alone or with others, Pack your suitcase is a fun puzzle for the whole family