• ABC Smile TV is the first edutainment console for juniors.

ABC Smile TV Paw Patrol, the easy-to-use console, suitable for little ones:

  • To play with the VTech Paw Patrol ABC Smile TV console, simply connect the HDMI key to a television! No need to buy additional games, all content is embedded in the console. Your child will be able to play on the big screen, wherever they are. Equipped with a wireless controller, designed for small hands and equipped with anti-shock edges, ABC Smile TV stands out as THE first educational TV console suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years old .

The contents of the console:

  • Your child evolves in the world of Paw Patrol in the company of Chase, Marcus and their friends. He is full of learning and remains attentive to the path strewn with pitfalls. A sense of observation and patience will be assets in this fun-educational adventure specially designed for kindergarten children up to 7 years old.
  • 12 educational missions punctuate the discovery for hours of play.

More than 150 learnings included:

  • Visual Perception – Look for the right shape : Rocky and Tracker have to repair their car, the goal is to choose the right parts to repair the vehicles.
  • Sense of observation – Arcade and action : A game of agility with Chase in which you have to run, jump and dodge obstacles.
  • Logic and reasoning – Dance and logic : Ruben is looking for dance outfits, so the child must help him quickly find the right combinations of dances and costumes.
  • Problem Solving – Choose a Direction : Your child will have to guide Everest and Zuma through obstacles, crabs and penguins to collect the treat packets.
  • A scoring system allows your child to surpass himself and when he obtains the best score in each mission he becomes a full member of the Paw Patrol. Challenges are also available.

Included in the console pack:

  • A Paw Patrol wireless game console, a TV stick to plug into the TV’s HDMI port, a micro-usb cable to connect the TV stick to the TV, an HDMI extension cable
  • 12 educational missions.
  • Up to 5 different player profiles.
  • Easy to use: wireless, no subscription, no download.