• The Racing Set Electronic M200E marble track is an electronic circuit that has 73 construction parts and 5 MarbleBilles included to create a super circuit: an infinity of courses to build to see the marbles evolve! Compatible with other Marble Rush tracks.
  • Your child builds his course and launches the MarbleBilles to see them in continuous motion and be thrown by the launcher! Different secret passages and switches add surprise to the game. The child develops motor skills, creativity, logic and imagination by creating endless combinations!
  • Amazing ! The starting gate triggers cool light and sound effects .

Ball Run Features:

  • Great sound and light effects : Your child starts the race in the lead and hurtles down the tracks to the finish line.
  • Challenges : The launcher propels the MarbleBilles through the circuit! Your child can compete with his friends or his family on challenges without limits!
  • Compatible : Other Marble Rush sets allow you to expand your circuit for endless possibilities!
  • Construction with color codes : the construction guide and the colored parts, easy to fit, guarantee a stable construction of the circuit.

Included in this marble run pack:

  • 73 parts including 1 electronic part.
  • 5 MarbleBalls.
  • Launcher challenge, Labyrinth, Looping, Starting line, Springboard.
  • 3 levels: Beginner to experienced.
  • 1 sheet of stickers.
  • A building guide.