• Funny Sunny is an interactive companion in the shape of a fun lamp. To see it come alive, move, talk and sing , the child places one of the 4 discs included and chooses one of the activities offered on the disc. With her colorful personality, she tells jokes, stories, sings and accompanies the child throughout the day . She teaches him good manners, asks questions, asks his opinion.
  • Thanks to its integrated night light and its soft melodies, it also offers calm moments to the child and helps him to fall asleep after a long day of activities and fun.

4 game discs to insert for hours of play and different themes:

  • You and me: And if I were…, Conversations, Globe-trotter, Emotions, Jokes, Anecdotes, Funny phrases, Daydreams. -> With this disc, Funny Sunny offers many interactions with the child and makes him participate.
  • My great day! : Gentle awakening, Politeness, Relaxation, Good reflexes, Taste, Tidy up!, Bedtime rituals, Good night. -> With this disc, Funny Sunny guides the child through daily routines in order to make him independent in his personal development. She also explains to him the importance of good manners which will be useful to him all his life.
  • Stories and songs to laugh and get away from it all: Stories to shiver, My family, Wacky stories, Tales for children, Debout on danse! We sing ! Friendship Songs, Animal Concert. -> With this record, Funny Sunny tells eccentric stories, classic tales, adventure stories, she sings… She is overflowing with imagination!
  • Funny games: Riddles, Funny soup, Mishmash of poems. -> Funny Sunny is naughty and funny. She tells jokes and invites you to play 3 fun games. Laughter guaranteed!
  • This interactive lamp punctuates the child’s day, awakens and stimulates it by offering a variety of games and numerous interactions . She has more than 20 expressions and movements , she shows her emotions and moves according to her mood. This interactive toy is recommended for children from 3 to 8 years old .

The little extras of Funny Sunny:

  • Clock and alarm clock: In addition to telling the time, Funny Sunny has a “smart” alarm clock function: it lights up discreetly to let the child know that it’s time to get up!
  • Night light: The night light reassures the child and gives him the comfort he needs at night.
  • Demo mode: To start playing and deactivate the Demo mode, place a disc on the base. Funny Sunny will then be in normal mode and you will be able to use all of its features.
  • For even more stories and content, other compatible discs are sold separately.

Included :

  • 4 activity discs.
  • 1 power adapter.
  • Over 4 hours of content and interactions with 300 activities.