• This game allows you to reproduce photos and portraits with colored pegs, turning them into a small work of art thanks to version 2 of the traditional pegs.
  • Choose the photo, upload the image to the quercettiart website and follow the instructions to print the guide cards and then pierce them with the nails.
  • Once composed, it can be hung on the wall like a painting.
  • The pegs are in only 6 colors, but the human eye magically mixes them, transforming them into an image with thousands of new colors and shades, as if it were a real photograph.
  • The classic game of pegs becomes a tool for creating portraits and landscapes that can thus be transformed into real furnishing objects.
  • The kits include versions of 4 tablets.
  • Create your portrait with the pegs: Connect to the site, upload your photo, print the card, put the pegs and that’s it.
  • Dimension: 39 X 29 X 6,5 cm