• It’s a busy day at the construction site, and you can help out with the Dump Truck from DRIVEN by Battat
  • This toy truck is part of the Standard Series range and has loads of cool features to make it seem just like the real thing.
  • The dumper tilts and the hatch opens so you can get rid of the heavy load easily.
  • The doors also open and you can tilt back the front cab to take a look inside.
  • Need to get someone’s attention on the road?
  • You can flash the roof lights and headlights, make engine noises, and even honk the horn.
  • Beep beep At DRIVEN by Battat, we know that energetic play requires sturdy toys, which is why our trucks are carefully crafted to ensure they don’t break easily.
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  • Stay DRIVEN, because the crew depends on you.