• COMPONENTS: 26 chopsticks AGE: +6 LEVEL: Elementary
  • KEY COMPETENCES: Visuo-spatial: coherently place the pieces and form the figures. Learning to learn: perception of self-efficacy. Eye-hand coordination: manipulate the pieces in the correct way.
  • COGNITIVE SKILLS Attention: visual to the forms that are being created. Reasoning: According to the premises, form the correct figure. Fine motor skills: manipulation of the pieces and balance. Imagination and creativity: form different shapes and groups. Gross psychomotor skills: placing the pieces correctly.
  • MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES: Spatial or visual: place the pieces. Intrapersonal: self-control and self-efficacy. Interpersonal: teamwork. Kinesthetic: placing the pieces correctly.
  • HOW TO PLAY – Grab the chopsticks in a mallet and drop them on the table, taking turns picking them up without the others moving. Contains 26 pieces.