All players have a selection of illustrated cards. In turn, they are named Storyteller.
The Storyteller secretly chooses one of his cards and provides the other players with a clue (word, sentence, song, etc.) to allow them to identify it. Everyone selects in their own game the card that most closely matches the index and everyone places their card face down on the table. The Storyteller shuffles the cards, then turns them over. The aim of the game? Guess which one is the Storyteller. If everyone finds it, the Storyteller does not score a point. If no one finds it, it doesn’t score anything either!


  • A beautifully illustrated game that appeals to imagination, intuition and a sense of strategy.
  • Number of players: 3 to 6.
  • Average length of a game: 30 minutes.

Contents of the box:
84 large format cards
A game board
6 wooden
36 voting tokens
A rule book