“Wide Foldable Bed Barrier Railing 150 cm Features:
– It is an important product in terms of safety when children start to sleep in bed.
– It can be easily folded to make it easier to get out of bed and to change the linen easily.
– It can be easily pulled out of bed and attached.
-Compatible with all beds.
– It can be folded 180 degrees in a single movement and reused as needed.
-Equipped with a special locking mechanism, the bed barrier made it easy for parents to be able to fold by pressing the buttons on both sides. does not open without pulling the locks.
– Bed barrier frame is made entirely of durable steel bars. It has a washable mattress barrier fabric.
– Technicial Specifications : Width: 150 cm/ Height: 50 cm/ Weight: 1.7 kg”