• In the risky card game Push, the 2-6 players one after the other reveal cards from the draw pile and place them in rows. Whoever grabs the rows with the highest numbers collects the most points for victory.
  • However, if you dare too much, you will lose even more! The player with the most points at the end wins the fun board game.A game for the whole family from 8 years old – thrill guaranteed: In this easy to learn and fast card game, 2 to 6 players put their luck to the test and collect the most valuable cards. However, if you decide to gamble, you can go too far. As soon as a color and / or a number is revealed that is already in the rows, the turn is over! The player who has gone too far does not collect a row. And it gets even worse! As a punishment, he must throw the dice and put all cards of the color rolled from his display onto the discard pile. The games from the series The Fleet Little ones can be played quickly, are easy to understand and ideal for on the go. They are great to take with you to the next party or game night.