This soft-bodied, 9″ baby bunny doll is made for little arms to cuddle. Kids over 18 months will love the bunny’s sweet floral scent and plush ears that wrap it up into a snuggly swaddle. When the little bundle of joy needs a rest, it can be ‘soothed’ with a tethered pacifier before being set down to sleep in its packaging, which transforms into a crib.


  • LONG PLUSH EARS wrap into a swaddle so little ones can enjoy plenty of cuddles and snuggles with their little bundle of joy. The soft-bodied, 9″ tall bunny baby doll has a sweet floral scent, too
  • SOOTHE THE BUNNY BABY DOLL with a tethered pacifier. Little arms can hold the swaddled doll while it’s sleeping and give it its pacifier to simulate nurturing play
  • EACH INDIVIDUAL DOLL comes in a packaging box that converts into a crib. Tuck the baby bunny in and hop into sweet garden dreams. Colors and decorations may vary. Not for kids under 18 months
  • COMFORTING, SOFT DOLL with plush wrap-around ears. Encourage kids’ nurturing side with this sweet-smelling doll, great for cuddles at home. The tethered pacifier makes it perfect for take-along play
  • A LOVELY GIFT for children over 18 months, this beautiful, soft-bodied doll is suitable for any occasion. Little ones will love cuddling and nurturing their own baby bunny. Doll cannot stand alone