“Elele  Madre Rotating Mother’s Side Playground Park Bed 70×110 cm features:

It prevents accidental closing with its double security system.
While it is for your baby, it provides maximum safety for your baby with its extra safe double safety latch system and its extra foot in the middle, as well as its 5-point grounding feature.
Ability to be adjusted as mother’s side.
Ease of converting to Mother’s Side feature in seconds.
It is compatible with all beds thanks to its mother attachment apparatus.
It can be used as a mother’s bed, it is the largest mother’s bed in Turkey.
It is produced in the highest technology factories according to the latest system security European Union specifications.
For your baby’s safety, 4 sides of the bed are covered with a special, thick sponge.
Comfortable, practical changing unit with special liquid-proof pocket and height ruler.
Nursing organizer where you can put baby bottles, toys, clothes and diapers made of special plastic that can be hung on all four arms.
Ability to be used as a cradle, easy to use with swaying lower bars.
Easy to carry anywhere with its carrying bag.
Practical installation that can be easily installed by one person and does not require assembly.
Practical and easy closing and re-installation without removing the intermediate layer fabric.
Specially produced woven linen fabric so that it does not disturb the baby
4 functional storage pockets next to the deluxe changing unit area
Luxury Changing unit.
It provides maximum safety for your baby with its fixed feet.
The top edge fabric and bed mattress are extra soft with extra sponge filling for your baby’s safety and comfort.
Thanks to its wheel feature with brake system, it provides easy transportation and safe standing.
Rich usage options as play, sleep and changing diapers
Mosquito net for protection from flies and insects.
Wind-up musical mobile and 3 different toys independent of each other.
Can be used as a cradle with a rocking device.
Large functional item and toy pocket
Kippered play door on the short side where the baby can easily enter and exit the park.
Mesh windows provide a comfortable view and air circulation while the baby is playing and sleeping.
Kippered carry bag.
Visual and safe use thanks to the kippered mezzanine.
Two-stage use thanks to the intermediate layer.”