It does not contain any harmful chemicals such as carcinogens and Phthalates.
Extra wide for all your baby’s needs.
It can be easily carried on the back with two shoulder straps.
· There is a special zippered pocket design on the front for storage bags.
Thermos storage bags can be taken out independently from the EleleLife flora mother and baby care bag.
The zippered, waterproof insulated bag has a different pattern than Forma and adds elegance to your look.
· Changing pad compartment can accommodate up to 15″ laptops.
· There are zippered side pockets on both sides of the bag, suitable for many different sizes of baby bottles and wet wipes.
· Soft bottom opening cushion is available.
Made of lightweight, linen and waterproof fabric.
· A multi-purpose, insulated storage bag with thermos in which 2 bottles can fit is a gift.
· Baby stroller hanger is a gift.
· A dirty cloth bag is a gift.
· Changing pad is a gift
Our EleleLife Flora Mother Baby Care Backpack collection is made of waterproof linen fabric.

Features of Storage Bag with Two Gifts:

EleleLife flora is an insulated, waterproof two-piece thermos bag that can be removed independently from the mother baby care backpack. Two normal-sized feeding bottles fit comfortably in the insulated bag. With its extra-wide interior design and perfect compartments for feeding bottles, non-spill glasses or snacks, you can easily carry this bag with you during all stages of your baby’s life from the first days to the next months.