Create vibrant art and notes with Crayola Take Note Medium Point Washable Gel Pens. These medium point pens lay down streak-free lines, making them the perfect gel pens for adult coloring books or note taking in a bullet journal. Each of the included writing pens features an added cushion grip and easily washes from hands and clothes, making them a must-have on any school supplies list. Each of the 14 colored gel pens has its own unique Crayola color, including Summer Sunset Yellow and Denim Jacket Blue. These safe and non-toxic click pens are ideal for teens and adults who want to bring vibrancy to all that they do.


  • One 14-ct pack of Crayola Take Note Medium Point Washable Gel Pens
  • Each of the colored gel pens feature a cushion grip to bring ease to making streak-free lines
  • Ink from washable writing pens can be removed from hands and clothing
  • Each pen features a unique, vibrant color, making them the ideal gel pens for coloring, taking notes, and art projects
  • A clickable format makes these non-toxic, colorful pens convenient for students and professionals on-the-go