• WATERPROOF DOLL: This is Ella, a cute Cry Babies Fun n Sun doll with all water Accessories to play with
  • WATER FEATURE: discover the strawberry designs that appear on her swimsuit with water!
  • SUN FEATURE: discover the freckles that appear on her face in the sunlight!
  • CRIES REAL TEARS: she will start crying like a real baby with real tears when you press her head
  • TAKING CARE OF A BABY DOLL: soothe your Cry Babies Fun n Sun Ella by putting the dummy in her mouth or gently laying her down
  • LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: Cry Babies dolls are the best playmate for girls and boys
  • GREAT GIFT & DOLL for kids from +18 Months; 28cm tall doll movable head, arms and legs